bilingual Voice Talent

  Mix these qualities…..

  ♦ Exceptional diction and articulation

  Years living in Spanish-speaking countries

  Comprehensive knowledge of Medical terminology

  ♦ 2+ decades of Writing and Editing, including promo materials

  35 years of musical involvement: vocals & guitar

  Diverse ability with accents: Spanish, French, & Italian

  and you get…….The Versatile Voice!

From Spanish telephone messaging to intricate and detailed medical narration, my work spans the spectrum.

Not only will your work be effectively performed, your script will be fine-tuned and professionally edited (if you wish) to attain maximum impact for your audience.

YOUR goals are MY priority.  Let me help you achieve them with my diverse talents and Versatile Voice.

for more information, please feel free to contact me

Lynda Seminara

Voice Artist and Writer/Editor

Telephone:  856-489-7500

Fax:  856-489-7600